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Visiting the IMS Breakfast of the University Zittau/Görlitz

With a delicious buffet and a lot of new knowledge the well-known IMS breakfast of the University Zittau/Görlitz goes into a new round and X.CERT is there! Every three months the university invites students as well as regional companies to a breakfast to exchange current information about the faculty "Integrated Management Systems". The initiator Mrs. Professor Dr. Jana Brauweiler develops thereby always exciting and worth knowing lecture series, which are supported by contributions of enterprises or experts, as well as since beginning by the TÜV Rheinland academy GmbH Dresden.

Our employee, Mrs. Kunack, had the opportunity to take her first taste test on November 1st on the topic "Asset Management - another management system? But what about the still unknown management system? According to ISO 55000, asset stands for a wealth, a thing or an entity that has a potential or actual value for an organization. Value varies between different organizations and their stakeholders and can be tangible or intangible, financial or non-financial. For example, assets can represent quality, people, knowledge, equipment and customer satisfaction. The objectives are that the management system should contribute to improving performance, improving reputation, making data-based investment decisions and supporting social responsibility. In addition to the advantages of reliability management and the consideration of the analysis for its introduction, the practical application was also examined using the example of energy technology.

An expert of the university, Prof.Dr.Stefan Kornhuber, presented facts and data, which he explained with descriptive diagrams and explains the consideration and evaluation of risks. The event concluded with the presentation of the latest news in the industry and a subsequent round of discussions among the participants about their experiences and difficulties in implementing them in practice. The companies came to the conclusion that structured documentation is a key to the success of the management system.

Just in time for the new year, the next IMS breakfast of the University of Zittau/Görlitz will take place on 17.01.2019. ISO 19011:2018 with its updated guidelines for the auditing of management systems is on the agenda. Of course, X.CERT will also be a guest at this event this time, because we got a taste for it.

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