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X.CERT® assumes role of the Technical Service Category C

X.CERT® assumes the role of the Technical Service Category C (certification body designated by the Federal Motor Transport Authority - KBA) and thus also the auditing of the approval-relevant requirements, as well as the verification of the conformity of production (CoP).

The auditing is process-oriented and systemically includes the areas such as top management, (product/process) development, personnel development, quality planning, test planning, procurement/ incoming goods inspection, final inspection/delivery, control of information, service, workshop.

During the follow-up, all information such as findings, problems and deviations are documented and the CoP information is prepared by the auditor. The certification body then checks for completeness and submits the procedure to the KBA together with a final assessment/recommendation.

The decision on an initial assessment is the responsibility of the KBA. No type approval/type certification can be issued without an initial assessment.

A GRA certificate can also be issued without ISO 9001 certification.
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X.CERT® assumes role of the Technical Service Category CProfessional Digital Fair Worldwide Certification