Environmental Management

Information about ISO 14001 certification

Environmental Management

Certification of environmental management systems

Our planet has been contaminated by countless pollutants on a daily basis for several decades. We already have to live with the effects of environmental pollution – the earth is getting warmer and warmer, glaciers are melting at record speed and many cities are constantly exceeding reasonable levels of particulate matter. Forests are cleared for profit and habitats of wild animals are deliberately destroyed.

Certification by X.CERT®

As a certifier you will find us a strong partner in the areas of quality management, occupational safety management and environmental management. Together with our excellently trained employees, we assess your working methods, your consumption of resources and your environmental performance.

Environmental protection in competition

Environmental protection has become a highly competitive economic factor. The quality, safety and price of the products is, of course, still an important and decisive point for potential customers. However, the market also requires sustainable production and a general orientation of the company.

Environmental protection affects everyone. Many people realize that the earth, as it is currently used, cannot last much longer. With our support, we assess your sustainable and environmentally oriented management system, whereby you not only offer the market a perfect environmental performance, but also return a lot to the environment.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 represents an environmental management system that sets internationally recognized minimum standards for an efficient and targeted environmental management system.

Our assessment makes it possible for you and your company to prove compliance with these guidelines and guidelines.